Terrace Level Entertainment Room

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This lounge area is right next to an amazing open bar for entertainment.  The very large wood ceiling panels were feeling a little dated in the glossy mahogany color, with sanding and staining the wood an espresso color in a satin finish with a large crystal ring LED pendant light adds an immediate eye-catching element to the space.

We captured the rings that are a part of the light fixture and used them on the wallpaper as an accent feature, this gives layers to the design.  The additional colors help to enrich the spaces with other visuals and textiles.  The very large area rug, black modern wingback chairs with gold legs, and the gray sofa all play a part in causing the colors to blend all together.

Each detail of the gold in the wallpaper is picked up in all of the furniture pieces, the round brass ring glass coffee table, the gold nail heads on the chairs, the two console tables flanking the sofa, to the soft gold muted colors in the area rug.  All lines and colors dance together beautifully.



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