Receiving Area

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This receiving area is set to introduce a more intimate and cozy feel.  Though the ceilings are soaring, the space invites you to sit and lounge in this area.  The fireplace with the mocha-colored glass chevron placed a tile on the wall brings in warm tones in the space.  On the parallel walls, you have a huge window that brings in natural light, and on the opposite wall, there’s the sound of water on the wall-mounted waterfall.  What’s also artistically implied is the beautiful light fixture that too is a very large water drops falling from the ceiling. 

The sound of water is always soothing, and the enticement of the flames in the fireplace all sets an intimate feel in the space.  The round metal coffee tables at varying heights help to add visual interest to the space.  The four chairs surrounding the round coffee tables all add to the cozy feel. Lastly, the two mirrors that are leaning on the console accent tables help to bring depth dimension in the space. 



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